“Blondie’s Bamboo Tea is a refreshing, caffeine free beverage made from the leaves of the bamboo plant. With 4 unique flavors, both sweet and unsweet, Blondies Bamboo Tea is sure to rehydrate and refresh”

Elderberry nbts
Elderberry Sweetened
Hibiscus nbts
Hibiscus Unsweetened
Lavender nbts
Lemon Ginger nbts
Lemon Ginger Unsweetened

Bamboo Tea Health Benefits*


Bamboo Tea helps to relieve digestive issues

Bloat Relief

Within 30 minutes of consuming a full 16oz bottle of bamboo tea, the user will experience relief of pain and bloating in their stomach.

Stomach Cramping

Bamboo Tea helps to relieve Stomach Cramping

Collagen Production

Bamboo leaves contain the highest amount of silica of any plant which is known to be the building block of collagen.

Bone Density

Bamboo leaves have a positive impact on bone density.


Drinking a bottle of bamboo tea helps to rehydrate your body.

* This information is not verified by the FDA we do not claim to treat cure or prevent illness. 

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